Every Daily Routine Provides An Exercise Moment

Modern life comes with a lot of perks, like being able to cover distances that took months in a few hours.  However, it also means that we don’t get to be as physically active as our ancestors.

Despite all the advances in technology which should mean more time is saved, we still have barely any time to really care for ourselves. Our usual excuse for why we do not exercise is that we have other stuff to do but, with proper planning, you can make time for it.

If you want to understand how vital exercise is, just search online about how to lead a healthy lifestyle and exercise will consistently turn up on the lists. If you truly want to keep fit and time is the main factor preventing that, here are some suggestions on how to integrate exercise into your busy life.

Commuter exercise

With roads constantly swamped with cars, draining you of your happiness, it actually makes sense to walk some part of the way. Walk briskly for about 20 mins of your journey and you will be getting the recommended 5 sessions of 20 minutes of aerobic exercise per week. You may even save up on transport cost and feel great if you make it a habit. Cycling is also a great option.

Stretches and exercises in your office

You can work on your triceps by doing chair dips with an armed office chair. Leg lifts while sitting in your chair is also possible – lift your legs out and hold for 10 seconds, lower, and repeat. Even a 10-minute session daily adds up. Stretching is also great for getting your blood flowing and preventing annoying aches.

Sprint the stairs

Pick stairs over elevators and escalators as much as you can to help with your health. Intense periods of stair climbing have great benefits for cardiovascular health and burning calories. When on the stairs, try to make it up as fast as you can. You may even turn it into a game by trying to beat previous times.

Break a sweat while doing chores

Chores can be boring but you’ve got to do them and you can use them as a way of shedding pounds – killing two birds with one stone. Try wood chop squats while loading your washing machine, hoovering lunges while you clean the floor, and dancing while you make a dish.  The more you move while doing chores the better it is for your body.

There are many other options to explore, especially walking.  During breaks or lunch time are great opportunities to walk your office building or your outdoor surroundings.  The main thing is to make it fun while you take care of your health.

Article by Vital Guidance