dog training

Teach Your Pet The Basics For The Best Companion Experience

There is nothing quite like owning a pet.  They give us something to shower our affection on and this can be very fulfilling.  They can also be therapeutic because they are cute and can be so hilarious.  It is awesome watching them grow up, watching them learn and observing their behaviors. But everything has its […]

First Pet

How To Decide On Your First Pet

Have your kids been begging you for a pet, or are you lonely and need a furry companion? More and more, People are considering pets as family members, and owning one is extremely rewarding. Here are some vital points to consider before getting your first pet: What type of pet suits you? It is a […]

cats and laser pointer

Cats: The Ideal Pet For 9 Great Reasons

Cat owners sometimes get a bad rap. The mere mention of owning a feline friend can conjure up images of the crazy lady down the street with a one-bedroom condo and 82 strays hanging around all day. Cats, however, actually make ideal pets that can turn into vital relationships over time. Here are nine reasons […]