Safe Driving Can Lower Car Insurance Premiums By 50 Percent

The modern world has thrown up a myriad of new insurance product options to consider when you are looking for a policy to cover your auto insurance. One of the newer offerings on the market is usage-based car insurance, a product offered by many of the major companies that ties your insurance premium to the […]

Know Your Home Value Before Deciding On The Best Coverage

Buying a house is expensive. This isn’t exactly groundbreaking news. The next step in this process is to then look at insurance product options and decide which is best for you. The problem here is that it is all too easy to think cheap.  After spending all that money on a house – and having […]

Four Common Ways To Save On Auto Insurance

Insuring a car should be a relatively easy and painless process. The process should happen quickly and without much variance in cost and coverage. It should feel like something you can do yourself and still come out on top. However, the truth is that the world of car insurance is a pretty messy thing. It […]