Finding Peace In An Out-of-Control World

Recently I was speaking with a widowed woman in her eighties. She has been through many challenging times in her life. Most recently, losing her best friend to a fatal illness, her only adult son is dealing with a drug addiction taking over his life, and she is going through all of this without the […]

Tips To Eliminate Shouting And Make Your Relationships More Peaceful

There are many types of drama that can hurt out vital relationships. This has become especially clear during the Covid-19 lock down where couples, roommates, and families have all had to spend the bulk of their time together, sometimes without any space to get away and decompress. One of the biggest relationship killers – and […]

Top 10 Family Fun Ideas For Summer 2020

Some parts of the country are already done with school for the year. Others will follow suit in short order. Memorial Day marks the start of the summer in much of the country – especially in the Midwest – so families are now working on the changeover from a Covid-19 interrupted school year into a […]