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Quarantine Life Allows Parent To Teach Life Lessons

With more and more school districts closing in America by the day a parents role as a vital mentor in the life of their kids has changed. We talked earlier this month about ways to create fun activities for your kids during their extended summer break, but there is more you can do during this […]

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Extra Long Summer Paves Way For Creative Parenting

Summer break can be a looooooong time with your kids depending on the region of the country you live in. Now, thanks to COVID-19 and school districts closing in droves across the nation, parents are caught with the prospect of a double-length summer break in 2020. Albeit, one in which the first half will involve […]

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Four Ways To Encourage & Make Reading Fun For Your Child

It is vital to get your kids on the right path about reading, encouraging them to read as a choice and a hobby as opposed to forcing them to do so like it is an extension of school.  The problem is that getting kids to put down their tablet and pick up a book in […]