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Toys That Aid Learning & Creativity In Kids

Chances are you’ve happened upon a kid with an intense look of glee, concentration or adorable frustration while playing with a toy.  This just shows how deeply they are affected by these play things.  Many adults tend to view toys as just play things and temporary baits to keep young ones distracted, but we fail […]

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Kids Get Sports Injuries From Specializing Too Soon

At one time there was a school of thought that the best way to ensure your child excelled in a sport was to push them to play that particular sport as early – and as often – as possible. That is how we ended up in a world of traveling baseball and volleyball teams all […]

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Encouraging Children’s Creativity To Help Them Succeed

Narrowing down a focus on how your child should grow up is usually not a good idea. Giving vital guidance in all aspects of their early life, but not stifling any spirit or purpose, however, is something that should undoubtedly be encouraged. Some people think that creativity is a birth trait and that you either […]