Keep Your Kids Feeling Loved With These Tips

Children are susceptible to feeling a wide-array of emotions, some great and others painful. They have not fully developed their self-esteem, persona, and social skills.  It is vital to them that the adults in their lives provide the guidance to increase their confidence. “Our goal is to convey unconditional love through focused attention with clear […]

Coach Yelling

Limiting Sports Participation May Lead To Better Success

In an earlier article we looked at how generalization rather than specialization in young athletes can lead to greater success in sports. This generalization allows a child to try different sports and, more importantly, build up and use different muscle groups than they would if they dedicate themselves to just one sport too early. It […]

Lego play

Toys That Aid Learning & Creativity In Kids

Chances are you’ve happened upon a kid with an intense look of glee, concentration or adorable frustration while playing with a toy.  This just shows how deeply they are affected by these play things.  Many adults tend to view toys as just play things and temporary baits to keep young ones distracted, but we fail […]