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Video Games & Parenting: Doesn’t Have To Be A Scary Thing

It can be argued that there has never been a more difficult time to be a parent. The way that technology has moved on in the last 20 years is breathtaking, and it has opened new opportunities and new horizons for people all around the globe. While it is impressive to be able to browse […]

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Reading Is Vital To Your Child’s Learning

Reading to your children can make a vital difference in their lives. Not only will you and your child bond and make memories over their favorite books, but you are also guiding them into a love of reading they will carry with them through adulthood. Reading is not only a source of entertainment; it is […]

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Mentors Provide Vital Guidance To Children

It is vital for children to have good mentors in their life. The above statement seems like it would be an undeniable fact, yet in our modern world, where everything happens at a fast pace and technology has taken such firm root, it is not a statement parents give much thought. Parents from the younger […]