Drinking Water Helps Your Body In Many Ways

Water is the most beneficial thing that is so easy and so free and yet so easily overlooked. Our bodies are made up of about 70% water and our brains, a whooping 90%. If most of what we are is water then it’s completely obvious that it is vital to our functioning. To be reminded […]

Personalized nutrition

Personal Nutrition May Be Best For Your Health, Fitness

We are aware that getting vital nutrients into the body with what we eat and drink is the best way to maintain health and fitness. While knowing that and following basic nutritional guidelines helps, there is still the question: Am I getting the right amount of vital nutrients for my specific body composite? A one-size-fits-all […]


Pineapple Is The Go-To Fruit For Staying Healthy

When thinking of foods that are high in nutrients and can help fight off disease, the deliciously tropical pineapple may not be the first fruit to spring to mind. While they are a favorite of juicers looking to add a sweet kick to their smoothies, the pineapple is generally only thought of when relaxing on […]