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Exercise, Diet, Screenings Lessen Risk of Cancer

According to the National Institute of Health, certain lifestyle choices can lessen the chances in individual has of developing cancer. However, even though most Americans know that choices such as quitting smoking, protecting skin from sun damage, eating a healthy diet, exercising more, and getting the recommended screenings reduce the risk of cancer, following this […]

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Study Reveals 10 Minutes Makes A Difference In Life

It has been known for decades that exercising is one of the vital help factors in humans living a longer and healthier life. One aspect that experts have disagreed on, however, is just how much exercise needs to be put in play on a weekly basis for the benefits to be enjoyed. While it remains […]

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Preparing For A Healthy Lifestyle

  Before you start the diets and exercises here is how to set goals you can stick to for a healthier lifestyle: Step One: Settle on the What What do you want to change? Whether it’s an overall lifestyle change or specifics (lose weight, trim fat, get more muscle, or achieve a fitness goal), you can’t […]