Finding Your Niche To Make Exercise Fun & Healthy For You

For many people the problem with getting vital exercise into their day is that they simply don’t enjoy the process. The results – better overall physical and mental health – are known to these people, but the suffering and strain that they have to go through during exercise to get those benefits simply aren’t worth […]

Wearing A Mask Can Affect Your Workout So Chose Wisely

It appears that for large parts of the country – and large parts of the world – face masks and covering are here to stay for at least the foreseeable future. Masks are worn to help prevent the spread of the Coronavirus by keeping germs from spreading from person to person. This is especially important […]

Quit Smoking, Exercise To Boost Your Health

Coronavirus is causing problems around the globe that’s impacting people’s health in a way unlike anything we have ever seen. There are certain sections of society – namely older people – who are more vulnerable to infection, but another way of being more vulnerable than the general population – according to new research – is […]