Teach Your Pet The Basics For The Best Companion Experience

There is nothing quite like owning a pet.  They give us something to shower our affection on and this can be very fulfilling.  They can also be therapeutic because they are cute and can be so hilarious.  It is awesome watching them grow up, watching them learn and observing their behaviors.

But everything has its downside and an improperly trained animal can make your life difficult. There are some steps you have to take to ensure proper guidance of your pet into a well-behaved adult so that you both can enjoy living together.

Your pet, especially dogs, should respond to a “come” command in order to protect it from potentially dangerous situations. Knowing when to “come” can also prevent them from startling and harming other people.  Make it the best thing that happens to your pet all day if she comes when called – treats or rubs are some of the ways to achieve this.  Dogs are probably the easiest pets to train this way but with a little patience you can mold other pets to obey the command as well.

If you do not house train your pet, it will turn your house into a sewer.  This may cause you to not see the beauty of your pet.  It is also unsafe for health reasons, especially if you have little ones.   Initially, take your pet out or to the litter box first thing in the morning and once every hour.  If it wants to go, your pet will use one of those opportunities.  Make sure you give signs of approval when your pet relieves itself outside or in the litter box.

Rabbits are commonly considered to be dirty animals but this is far from true.  They can make excellent indoor companions if properly trained. Just like cats and dogs need to learn how to use the litter box and where not to go, rabbits can be taught this behavior, too.

Pets also need to know what part of the house is out of bounds and this can be achieved by using baby gates to block off areas you don’t want it getting into. Another option is to shut doors and for some pets, not allowing them in certain rooms for long periods of time will train them not to go into the room.  You can remove the barricades and open the doors after your pet has demonstrated that it will not go into the off-limits areas.  You should award them with praise and other forms of positive feedback.

Pets that beg can be annoying to the owner and anyone with food that comes near them. To prevent this behavior from developing, you have to restrict your pet’s food intake by sticking to regular meal times. No matter how adorable they look, don’t budge and indulge it or each time it sees you eating, it will disturb you until you do what it wants. Not only is a regular meal-time vital for your pet’s discipline it also prevents it from getting overweight.

These are just a few tips to help you enjoy living with your pets.  You can find more pet information at https://vitalguidance.com/pets/.

Article by Vital Guidance