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Positions Available

At Vital Guidance, we know the best way to serve our clients is by building the best team.
So, we are seeking talented people to fill the following roles below:

Financial Advisors

Seeking new and experienced advisors to join our team.  Role includes working with individuals and businesses to determine their current financial situation; developing financial goals; identifying courses of action; creating and implementing financial plans; and monitoring and revising plans.  Must have a bachelor’s degree.   Send resume to

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Mortgage Loan Originators

We provide a platform with great pricing from more than 40 lenders and private investors. We also have experienced processors you can pick to do as little or as much of the processing as YOU CHOOSE at no cost to you.  At this time, we are only seeking MLOs for Florida and Michigan.  Please send resume to

Real Estate Agents

Seeking agents to advise clients about market conditions, conduct in-person and virtual walkthroughs, and provide vital guidance and assistance through the process of buying, selling, or leasing properties.  Should possess great negotiation, interpersonal, and math skills.  Send resume to

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Property & Casualty Agents

We teach you how to analyze clients’ current insurance policies and advise them for necessary changes, additions, or updates.  We work with more than 30 carriers to ensure you’re competitive and ready to meet the needs of new and existing clients.  Send resume to

Individual and Family Counselors

We are seeking counselors who know how to treat the relationships as well as the clients.  Candidates must be able to work with individuals and or groups to:  encourage client(s) to discuss emotions and experiences; examine issues including substance abuse, aging, anger management, careers, and stress; and improve mental health.  Must have a bachelor’s degree and or professional certifications.  Send resume to 

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Health & Wellness CONSULTANTs

Seeking entrepreneurial-spirited health and wellness experts to create and grow programs for our clients.  Responsibilities include helping clients make changes to nutrition, physical fitness, and lifestyle through education and personal training.  Must have a bachelor’s degree and or professional certifications. Send resume to


We love great content and seek these kind of writers:  People who feel a responsibility to society because their work is going into print; People who have the duty to be good, not lousy; true, not false; lively, not dull; accurate, and not full of errors.  We want writers to lift people up, not lower them down; because writers do not merely reflect and interpret life, they can inform and shape life.  It’s a paraphrase from E.B. White but it’s what we want from our writers.  Send resumes to

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