Best Dogs To Own Depends On You!

Dogs are known to be man’s best friend for so many reasons that include loyalty, friendship, and trust. There is more to getting a dog because there are different breeds of dog with different attributes and characteristics. Thus, it is always advisable to obtain vital guidance about the different dog breeds before getting one. Getting the right information will help in choosing the best dog for you.  Below are some of the numerous dogs you could own:

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel:  This is a meek and gentle breed.  This particular dog has great love and affection for kids. It is a perfect pet for children because of its loyalty and entertainment. As friendly as it is, it also likes playing and snuggling on the lap to receive cuddles.  Cavalier King Charles spaniels could be the best option for families with little children.

Beagle:  One of the most energetic breeds of dogs are the Beagles.  Beagles are very strong and smart which makes them a perfect dog for a walk.  They like to show how strong they are by tumbling and jumping around so it’s vital you have some open space in your home.  They are good companions because they are always ready to entertain.

Labrador Retriever:   When talking about the most popular and versatile dogs on earth, Labrador Retriever is a breed to mention.  Labrador is a patient breed.  Yet, it plays a lot. Labrador is also a very smart breed.  If you are looking for a companion that will never leave your side but always entertain you, then you should go for this breed.

Poodle:  This breed is considered as a unique breed.  This is because of its variation in size that includes standard miniature and tom.  They are mostly referred to as precious or fussy because of their beautiful look.  They love getting involved in family activities like games, exercises, etc. They have a low-shedding fur which makes their maintenance quite easy.

Bichon Frise:  Bichon Frise is a breed that has little body and very curly low-shedding fur.  It is a very happy breed that plays a lot.  However, it doesn’t need a lot of exercise in its daily life which makes it a perfect choice for anyone who lives in an apartment or families that are less active.

Boxer:  Boxer is a very sociable breed.  It is very active, humorous and very notably energetic at its young age.  As an energetic breed, it needs a lot of exercises which makes it a perfect partner for a walker, jogger or runner.  A boxer can be a good choice if you are looking for a dog that can entertain you with it funny behaviors that include associating with people.

Shih Tzu:  Shih Tzu is a gentle breed.  It is not very active and energetic but will never leave your side.  It loves comfort and cuddles which makes it the best option for people who like mild, cute and snuggle loving dogs.  Shih Tzu will not only entertain you but will exhibit maximum loyalty.

Border terrier:  Border terrier is a breed that has a very humorous and gentle character.  It has a very funny look and can adapt to any condition easily, thus, making it a suitable dog for everybody.  They do get involve with both indoor and outdoor games and long walks easily.  It is good to own Border terrier because of its activeness and ability to survive in different conditions.

Hungarian Vizsla:  Hungarian vizsla is another energetic breed.  It is smart and strong.  It is a great hunter and fast runner.  As you can tell, this dog likes a lot of outdoor exercises and games.  It also likes clinging to people who are very familiar to it which makes it the best option for lovers of clingy dogs.  Get a Hungarian vizsla for your sports activities.

Crossbreeds:  Crossbreeds are also known as mixed breeds, they are cross breed off springs of two different breeds.  Usually, they are always energetic and easy to train, and they refer outdoor activities and need a lot of exercises especially at their young age.  It is good to own crossbreeds because of their stunningly beautiful look of the mixed breeds.  Here are some of the most popular mixed breeds:
Pitsy – Pit Bull and Husky
Golden Husky – Gold Retriever and Husky
Corgipoo – Toy Poodle and Corgi
Basset Pei – Basset Hound and Shar Pei
Schorgi – Sheltie and Corgi
German Chow – German Shepherd and Chow Chow
Schnoodle – Schnauzer and Poodle
Bullpug – English Bulldog and Pug

All these are useful dogs that you can own, but it must be noted that each has its characteristics and uses.  Therefore, you should know what you are looking for by obtaining useful and vital guidance about the different breeds of dogs before choosing a dog.