Broaden Your Pet Horizon For These Miniature Friends

There is no doubting that pets are a fun and integral part of many people’s lives.  We create and cultivate vital relationships with our pets, ones that last for years or even decades at a time.
While owning a dog or a cat can be great, specifically, a dog as cats are clearly insane in my opinion, wouldn’t it be a little more fun to broaden your pet-owning horizons?  Here are some pets that are a little more unique, a little more specialized, but that would be so much fun to own!

Miniature Goats
The argument against goats is that they smell bad and that they are kind of aggressive. While this can be true for some of the bigger breeds, miniature goats are a magnificent animal to create a vital relationship with.  Miniature goats that are bred for individual ownership hand no such issues. These pets are known to grow into loyal companions, with a playful and fun personality that is ideal for families with younger kids.  It is also impossible to be sad when a miniature goat (or really anything miniature) is around as these guys will spend their day bouncing all over the place in sudden fits of energy and excitement in a way that can only brighten the mood.

Reptiles, in general, can make for fun pets, but enough people are terrified of snakes that our legless friends are not always the best choice for a pet. This is especially true as snakes are actually illegal to own in certain counties and cities around the country.  Instead, go for a lizard of some kind, with the chameleon being among the coolest reptiles to own.  This is not a pet that is going to cuddle. It is one, however, that is fascinating in everything that it does. Maintenance here can be an issue, but anyone who has had a reptile in the past should step up their game to this color changing level.

Teacup Pigs
Back on the miniature train when it comes to vital relationships with pets, we have the teacup pig.  Regular pigs are pretty awesome and hilarious, but they can get to be a massive size. Teacup pigs, on the other hand, tend to stay around the size of a puppy for their entire lifespan.  Having one of these critters running around the house and snuffling about can take some work, but the upside here is enormous as they are affectionate, smart, and loyal pets.

Hedgehogs are s fun pet if you are looking for something that is more loving than it has any right to be.  The sharp spines on the back of a hedgehog shouldn’t deter you from creating a vital relationship with this loving and affectionate type of pet.  They are calm, low maintenance, and seem to be happy just existing in the human space. One issue is that they are nocturnal and love attention, but if you can get over that problem then there are few better pets out there for those who want something a little different!

Article by Steve Wright