Toys That Aid Learning & Creativity In Kids

Chances are you’ve happened upon a kid with an intense look of glee, concentration or adorable frustration while playing with a toy.  This just shows how deeply they are affected by these play things.  Many adults tend to view toys as just play things and temporary baits to keep young ones distracted, but we fail to realize that play time is one of the many ways a child learns. Playing offers kids a safe avenue to experiment and act out their curiosities about the real world without placing themselves in any danger. Experts say that games and toys stimulate make-believe play, motor and cognitive skills are vital for children at all stages of development. Here are some examples of some toys that’ll turn playtime into a fun learning experience:


Lego blocks are the ultimate construction for a simple reason: they are only limited by imagination. Lego blocks give kids an avenue to turn abstract thoughts into physical creations and constantly challenge them to think differently to come up with new designs. Other construction toys include Lincoln logs, Duplo and Playdough.


Musical toys play soothing melodies that can stimulate your child’s brain development. Children of all ages enjoy games that have catchy tunes, introducing them to these at a young age nudges them to identify familiar tunes and stems brain activity. New technology now allows kids to play music on video games and toy instruments that mimic real ones, this paved the way for learning to play real instruments in later years.


An interesting way of helping kids learn through toys is by getting them realistic toys of every-day items that are just their size, something like a toy broom! Use it to teach them how to sweep and keep the floor tidy. Another idea is getting them a little rake which then can use to “play” or help out in the garden. Why not get them a small version of cooking utensils like a mini little pans, measuring cups, and some small bowls? They can help with their small appliances while also having fun.

With these options you will be teaching them daily activities and giving them some vital guidance on them.


Themed play and dramatic play provide kids with an opportunity to interact with real world items and become familiar with them. Toys such as grocery store cash registers, ATM machines, play food sets, and play doctor sets are all fun and educational. Theme sets help kids to understand the world and motivate them to learn more.


Have you seen a child tenderly caring for a teddy bear or toting around a stuffed animals? Children usually become very attached to their stuffed animals, and this creates a safe environment for learning how to deal with basic emotions and relationship skills when they talk to their toys. Puppets are classic fun. Best of all, these toys provide children with an easy way to act out all their favorite stories.

Article by Vital Guidance