Top 10 Cats To Own & Why

We all need some guidance when searching for any new pet, and it is vital that you take a moment to figure out what animal would best suit your lifestyle. Whether it is a large, boisterous family that may already have many pets or if you are looking for a quiet companion, there are a number of different cat breeds to consider. It is always best to take a look at what the animal’s needs are before making a commitment to being a pet parent. Speak with your veterinarian for some guidance before adopting. If you are looking for a pedigreed cat, below are the top 10 cats to consider for your new addition to your family.

1. Ragdoll Cats
The beautiful medium length silky haired cat with blue eyes will be waiting by the door for you to arrive home. This breed of cat wants to be with you, sit with you, sleep with you and may even play fetch. The soft-voiced cat is good with other animals and may also let your child dress him up in doll clothes and be pushed around in a stroller. This is one breed of cat that can be walked on a leash and makes a great travel companion. The affectionate breed of cat was developed in the 1960s by Ann Baker of Riverside, CA.

2. Maine Coon Cats
One of the oldest natural breeds in North America, dating back to the colonial period, the Maine Coon cat, named after the state of Maine, is one of the largest domestic cat breeds. These sweet and friendly gentle giants love their families and are not demanding of attention. You can recognize a Maine Coon cat by their long hair, ruffs at the neck, tufted feet, and bushy tails. These smooth coated cats are intelligent and independent while also showing much affection and playfulness. Besides for the regular meow and purr, the Maine Coon cat will speak to you with cheeps, chirps, and trills.

3. Sphynx Cats
The curious and affectionate sphynx cat is a medium size athletic cat with little or no hair. Weekly baths are vital since there is a lack of hair to absorb oils from their skin. If not properly groomed, they will produce a sticky build-up on their bodies and may develop skin problems. You may want to seek the guidance of your veterinarian regularly to make sure you are using the best products to keep your Sphynx healthy and happy. It goes without saying that these cats need a sweater in cold weather and can burn if exposed to too much sun. The good-natured sphynx gets along well with other animals and makes an enjoyable pet. While the sphynx is not hypoallergenic, they do secrete lower amounts of the allergen found in dander, so many people with pet allergies do not have issues with the sphynx.

4. Siamese Cats
One of the oldest and most famous breeds of domesticated cats, the Siamese cats date back to Thailand in the 1400s and were the most popular breed of cat in Europe and North America during the 19th century. Each purebred Siamese cat is born white and their coat colorings, or color points, are developed in the first few weeks after birth. The blue-eyed cats are one of the most talkative and intelligent breeds and will be happy to be your center of attention. If you have to leave your Siamese cat at home all day alone, you may want to consider getting another pet. Siamese cats get very lonely and sad if left alone too long. These cats are great with children, adults and other animals.

5. Exotic Shorthair
Developed in North America in the late 1950s, Exotic Shorthair cats are bred between the American Shorthair and the Persian. Nicknamed “the lazy man’s Persian” since he only has to be brushed once a week due to the shorter dense coat that comes in a variety of colors. The Exotic Shorthair has a rounded body, rounded eyes and rounded head with a flat nose and face. This soft-voiced undemanding cat may prefer to lay around all day, but can be lively when ready to play. This intelligent cat makes a great addition to any family, but it is vital he is shown a large amount of affection.

6. Birman
Also known as “the sacred cat of Burma” the Birman cats are color point cats, (born white and develop their colors as they mature) known for their silky medium to long hair coat, four whitegloved paws, and blue eyes. The cats have a muscular body and are considered medium to large sized cats. These beautiful cats don’t shed too much as long as they are combed twice weekly. Prone to periodontal disease, they will need toothbrushing or veterinary cleanings periodically. Calm and affectionate, they make loyal pets and get along well with children and other family pets. They are soft-spoken, refined and even-tempered. Be aware that they are helpful in whatever you are doing around the house.

7. Abyssinian
The Abyssinian breed is a domestic short-haired cat with a silky-smooth ticked coat which comes in a variety of colors. The medium-sized cat usually has a green or gold eye color. Keep in mind that while this affectionate purring cat loves to be cuddled, they are highly active and enjoy climbing. An Aby wants to be the only cat in the house but will be happy to share the spotlight with any dogs. Abys also do well with older children who will play respectfully with him. Due to their high level of activity, it is vital there is a lot of room to play. This is not an ideal cat for a small apartment or confined space.

8. Himalayan
The Himalayan breed is a mixed breed between Siamese and Persian cats created in the United States in the early 1930s. Because of the mixing, these cats have the coloring of Siamese, light with color point and blue eyes, and the long thick coat of glossy fine hair of a Persian cat. The beloved lap cat is kitten-like with lots of napping then suddenly there will be an outbreak of activity. As an owner of a Himalayan, you must pay extra attention to their diet since they are prone to obesity due to a lack of exercise. You may need to seek the guidance of your veterinarian to keep your Himmie healthy. Daily brushings will reduce shedding and matting. Himmies have a sweet personality and can be the ideal house cat. Calm is the key word with this breed of cat.

9. Persian
The Persian cat, the most popular pedigreed cat in North America, is a long hair medium size cat with a silky coat which comes in a variety of colors. Daily brushing will reduce shedding, mattes, and tangling. A Persian will also need his face wiped daily to keep away tear stains. While the Persian likes to play and is very curious, he is not a jumper or a climber. You will find this cat snuggling up with you or napping on his favorite chair in the sun, so it is important that he maintains his weight through a healthy diet. This breed of cat prefers a calm environment but can effortlessly adapt to a busy family as long as he is shown affection and respect.

10. American Shorthair
One of the most popular cat breeds in North America, the American Shorthair is the pedigreed version of the domestic shorthair. The muscular, medium-sized cats are considered “working” cats who like to hunt. The American shorthair comes in a large variety of colors and patterns and is one of the healthiest cat breeds living up to 20 years. These sociable cats enjoy other animals and attach themselves to all members of the family. American Shorthair cats are smart, trainable, playful and independent. Don’t be surprised when they prefer not to be carried around and like to cuddle next to you but not necessarily in your lap. The quiet communicators don’t speak very much, but they will let you know when something is needed and are fine to be left alone while you are at work. This is an uncomplicated cat to care for and makes a great companion.

With whichever breed of cat you choose, please keep your pet healthy and happy by following the guidance of your veterinarian. Regular check-ups and a good healthy diet will help your pet get the most out of life.

Article by Kristine Protopsaltis