Three Vital Nutritional Ideas For Creating A New You

With a new year just around the corner it is that time of the season where we take stock of our lives. One area that we immediately focus on is nutrition, something that makes sense given the role that nutrients play in our health and quality of life.

There are a number of ways to clean up your eating habits and get the most nutrition for your buck. One such way is to look at the little mistakes you are making in what you eat.  Then make simple changes that can add to your overall health.

Here are three small mistakes that are easy – and inexpensive – to change.

Being afraid to make dietary mistakes

Nutrition and healthy eating isn’t a catch-all system. What works for one person – even someone in your own family – won’t necessarily work for you. This can be frustrating when nothing seems to work, but the truth is, finding out what works and what doesn’t is sometimes nothing more than trial and error.

To that end, feel free to try things. If Keto isn’t working for you then move to a different type of nutritional regime. There are so many healthy eating options out there that’ll allow you to get your vital nutrients without having to follow the crowd.

Add don’t subtract

Many people try to start their path to healthy eating by taking things out of their diet.  While we probably all have something we could remove and not cause any damage, it is never wise to suddenly shock the system and take away foods that are actually helping your nutritional balance.

Instead of removing everything, try cutting back while adding other foods. Maybe you can add grains such as quinoa to your diet.  Even adding more plant-based fats or fresh fish would be ideal and help with your nutritional goals. Instead of just restricting, look to expand into new areas and new foods that you haven’t experienced before.

Tracking progress on a scale

Scales do have their place, but they shouldn’t be your total measure of nutritional health. Building muscle is going to counteract the fat loss because muscle weighs more than fat.  Therefore, focus on your body composition and how you feel mentally. Better nutrition leads to better mental health.  Also, it will make you feel more awake, alert, and energetic.

In terms of body, look at the overall size and shape of your muscles and track those as opposed to weight. This will help you set your goals and provide immediate feedback on how your new nutritional program is shaping a new you.

Article by Vital Guidance