These 7 Small Changes In Diet Can Have Big Results

Getting healthy and staying healthy can be a pain in the butt for almost everyone on planet earth, mostly because of the stress we all go through to get to that ‘stunning slim size’. The truth is, being slim doesn’t necessarily mean that one is healthy. You can be taking in foods and performing exercises that are horrible for your body type and health, and the loss of weight could just be your body crying for help.

Eating healthy is one of the best ways to keep you and/or your family healthy. Eating the right foods can be easy, fun, delicious and affordable. It is really all about making the right choices of foods and drinks in order to build an overall healthy dietary pattern.

Small changes in your diets can result in big changes in your health. If you want to get healthy by eating healthy you should incorporate the following steps into your lifestyle.

Switch from sugary drinks to water or unsweetened drinks

Sugary drinks contain a lot of unnecessary calories, by cutting them out of your diet pattern and replacing them with water or unsweetened drinks will reduce the amount of useless calories taken into the body. If you want a little flavour in your drinks, you can add a slice of lime or lemon into your glass of water or even squeeze some orange juice in.

Cut back on solid fats

Foods and snacks that contain solid fats like cakes, cookies, hot dogs, ice cream, etc. should be reduced from your diet.

Eat more lean proteins

Nuts, meat, seafood, fish, eggs, and beans are great examples of items that are in the protein food group. A better choice of proteins that are healthier are the leaner cuts of meat where there is less fat in the meat e.g. turkey breast and chicken breast.

Control your portion size

When you are full, please leave the food on the plate and not inside your stomach. If the temptation is too great, you can prevent it from occurring by using smaller plates. Please note that portion size depends on the gender, age, and activity level of the individual.

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Fruits, Fruits, Fruits.

Fruits are nutrient-packed foods that help in fighting off diseases while being insanely delicious. Fruits like watermelons, oranges, bananas and pineapples are easily accessible grocery stores as well as fruit stands.  Pineapples are wonderful fruits which are sweet as well as highly nutritious. For many people, they are the go-to fruits for eating healthy.


They might not be the tastiest thing to eat, but they are among the healthiest. Vegetables are important sources of nutrients including potassium, vitamin A, vitamin C, folic acid and fiber. The fiber in vegetables provide a fullness with fewer calories and also aids smooth bowel movement. So, you definitely need to add them to your dietary pattern.

Whole-grain not refined-grain

Switching completely from refined-grain foods to whole-grain or making half of the grains you eat whole-grain improves your diet, which equally improves your health. Instead of white bread, you could eat whole-wheat bread. The same thing for rice, brown rice is way better than white rice.

You don’t have to make a complete change in your eating habits all it once. Research has shown just little changes can lead to big results over time.  Happy eating!

Article by Vital Guidance