Online Dating Helps Relationships During Social Distancing

Dating isn’t easy at the best of times. With COVID-19 doing its best to ruin every aspect of our life, these are not the best of times for dating. However, people in the dating pool are still seeking contact with others and the ability to build vital relationships even in these weird times in which we presently live.

That is why dating – along with pretty much every other aspect of life – has been taken online.

For those in a fledgling relationship this is an interesting period. The key is to feel connected to someone without the obvious connection that many of us have in our lives: physical touch and intimacy. Instead, take the dating in a new direction.

Face timing will obviously be important, but to build a vital relationship that can last for the long haul there has to be more than just sitting around and chatting while staring into each other’s eyes. The key to building a relationship is to take the things you like to do when you are together and to find a way to implement them online. This can be something as simple as watching a new TV show together or doing a crossword online, all the way through to learning a new language at the same time or coordinating and teaching each other new skills.

These days, just about anything you could do around home in person you can do online – that is the beauty of our modern world – so take this time of social distancing to allow your dating relationship to breathe and learn a little more about what makes each other tick.

Also be aware that the social anxiety and stress levels of your date may be through the roof right now. If they don’t want to engage in a special way online or through social media, then make sure that you understand this. As long as there is contact and interest in pursuing a relationship you have nothing to be worried about and by being too aggressive in this time where everyone requires a little soft handling is an easy – but potentially relationship ending – mistake to make.

The key to dating under lockdown – be it a first date or a 100th date – is communication. Without understanding the needs of each other at this time then a relationship will go nowhere. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there at this time and just imagine how much fun it will be to meet or see the person again in real life when all this is over.

By Vital Guidance