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Every Daily Routine Provides An Exercise Moment

Modern life comes with a lot of perks, like being able to cover distances that took months in a few hours.  However, it also means that we don’t get to be as physically active as our ancestors. Despite all the advances in technology which should mean more time is saved, we still have barely any […]

Free Event Promotion Ideas

Best Free Ideas For Promoting Your Sports Events

It is easy to assume that in the digital age, the only way to promote your next sports event is by going big online. While the internet is undoubtedly a vital tool, not paying just as much attention to promotion and revenue streams offline would be a big mistake. Here are seven free offline ways […]

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Exercise, Diet, Screenings Lessen Risk of Cancer

According to the National Institute of Health, certain lifestyle choices can lessen the chances in individual has of developing cancer. However, even though most Americans know that choices such as quitting smoking, protecting skin from sun damage, eating a healthy diet, exercising more, and getting the recommended screenings reduce the risk of cancer, following this […]