Cats: The Ideal Pet For 9 Great Reasons

Cat owners sometimes get a bad rap. The mere mention of owning a feline friend can conjure up images of the crazy lady down the street with a one-bedroom condo and 82 strays hanging around all day. Cats, however, actually make ideal pets that can turn into vital relationships over time. Here are nine reasons – just like their nine lives – that make cats a pet worth owning:

1 – Cats are low maintenance

Some people see the independence of cats as a bad thing. They compare the way a cat lives to the way a dog lives and decide that dogs must be better. In truth, the low maintenance of owning a cat can be an amazing thing. Anyone with a full-time job will be better off with a cat, knowing that their pet can self-entertain and be happy without a need for constant attention.

2 – Cats reduce stress

It is scientifically proven that petting a cat will release endorphins into the brain which make you happier. That ability to reduce tension and the stresses of the day by running your hand through Whiskers soft fur is enough of a reason to go out and buy a cat immediately. This reduction in stress will also help you build that vital relationship with your pet.

3 – Cats are eco-friendly

A 2009 study suggested that gathering the resources needed to feed and take care of a dog over its lifetime equal out to that of owning a Land Cruiser. Cats, by comparison, equate to a small hatchback. That is because dogs tend to be feed products based around corn, beef, and lamb, while cats are much more likely to be found eating products based around fish.

4 – Cats bathe themselves

Just ask any dog owner how time-consuming and stressful it can be to bathe their pet. While hounds seem to enjoy finding mud puddles to play in even in the middle of the desert, cats take a much more laissez-faire approach to play. Cats want to be clean and, as such, they will both avoid dirt and clean themselves. This is a much better arrangement than washing your dog or taking it to an expensive pet spa.

5 – Cats kill pests

While they don’t take out all pests, there are a number of household intruders that cats will take down with the precision of the Terminator. Rodents have no chance against cats. Neither do the bugs and spiders that they takedown. The only issue here is that sometimes your pet is so proud of the work that he wants to leave you a present, kind of like the Yakuza, but it feels like that is a small price to pay compared to the cost (and environmental damage) of most extermination services.

6 – Cats help you sleep

A recent study by the Mayo Clinic Center for Sleep Medicine shows that 41-percent of people surveyed said they sleep better with their pet. This contrasts to just 20-percent who say that sleeping with a cat leads to disturbances in the night. This is a much better percentage of positive responses than any sleep study focused on human partners, with issues such as snoring and tossing around in the night something cats do not do.

7 – Cats are litter trained

Sure, litter boxes aren’t the most fun things in the world to clean. The plus side here though is that having a cat that is litter trained means that there are no accidents in the house to walk in on when you return from a 10-hour shift at the office. Dogs are great, but in the puppy stage, working around them and their bathroom schedule is a nightmare. Cats are just so much more self-sufficient in when and where they decide to do their business.

8 – Cats bring companionship

An Austrian study conducted in 2003 showed that having a cat in the house was the equivalent of having a romantic partner in terms of the affection given and received. Cats remember kindness, and they have the desire and genetic makeup to then return that kindness at a later date. If you are looking for a vital relationship with a pet, then it is simply a stereotype that dogs are more affectionate and therefore better pets.

9 – Cats are entertaining

One of the most important reasons to build a vital relationship with a pet is that they are able to keep you entertained. While having one cat is great, having a pair is so much better as their personalities will shine when they have an interacting playmate. If you add a pocket laser to this equation then you literally have all you need to have fun and hurt yourself laughing for hours.

Article by Vital Guidance