Three Vital Tips For Recent College Graduates

Graduating from college can be a daunting task for even the most focused college student, but you know the good part? The good part is that you are not alone, and there are loads of people going through these things. That is why I am here to offer some vital guidance to recent college graduates. […]

The Different Love Languages Can Help Improve Your Relationship

We all know that vital relationships are important to our mental and physical health. When the seminal book on love – specifically love languages – was published by Gary Chapman Ph.D. in 1992, he probably couldn’t have imagined how important The Five Love Languages: How to Express Heartfelt Commitment to Your Mate would become. It […]

12 Minutes Of Bike Exercise Proven To Benefit Your Health

We know that exercise is as important to our health as vital nutrients and following the vital guidance that doctors and other health professionals give out. The problem can be, especially for people with ultra-busy lives, that there just isn’t enough time in the day to commit to that cardio workout or gym session for […]

Making Sacrifices Or Taking Risks To Build Unity

I read an article about a big box retail store in my hometown of Philadelphia ransacked from rioting. A protest of another recent tragic police shooting spawned the riot. The article went on to describe the chaos that ensued around the city. I then thought to myself, “not again!” A feeling of deep sorrow came […]

Tips For Sellers To Make The Most Of Home Video Presentations

Buying or selling a house in this crazy world is a challenge. Many of the things we took for granted as part of the real estate transaction process have changed in one way or another. One of these is the way that prospective buyers view a house. It used to be that a few pretty […]

Tips To Eliminate Shouting And Make Your Relationships More Peaceful

There are many types of drama that can hurt out vital relationships. This has become especially clear during the Covid-19 lock down where couples, roommates, and families have all had to spend the bulk of their time together, sometimes without any space to get away and decompress. One of the biggest relationship killers – and […]

Four Things To Know About Your Insurance & Covid 19

Life insurance has never seems as important as it does in 2020. A pandemic taking over the world and altering the very fabric of what people once considered normal life will do that. It is now more important than ever to know what your insurance product options are, what your current policy covers, and what […]

Help Pets Prepare For Another New Normal Before You Return To Work

The vital relationship nurtured between you and your pet during the COVID-19 crisis is likely one that neither of you ever expected to happen. With the number of people working from home, or suddenly not working at all, there has been so much more time than ever before for an owner and a pet to […]

Spring Is A Time To Be Ready For Real Estate Options

Real estate buying and selling options were way down in March 2020 as a direct result of the Coronavirus outbreak. As potential buyers and sellers watched the economy fall apart across the country, real estate suffered as people who may have been in the market to buy or sell a newly built or existing home, […]

Couples Must Work On Careers and Vital Relationship

Managing your relationship during the Coronavirus crisis can be tricky. As much as we all want to think we are the perfect couple in the perfect relationship, the truth is that most of us have never lived in each other’s back pockets for weeks on end. Even if we share the same hobbies and the […]