Vital Guidance: A Life Management Company

Financial Literacy

We help people understand and properly apply financial management skills for informed and effective decisions.

Our talks begin with some basic components of financial literacy such as budgeting, interest rates, credit use, and savings.  However, understanding these concepts will help your decisions with investing, saving, insurance, debt, home costs, retirement planning, and more.


We help kids prepare for SAT and ACT testing as well as for post-secondary success such as time management.

For most people, the best way to achieve career success is with a great education.  This starts before college so we provide inspiration and guidance about preparing for future college work while still attending middle and high school.  Our talks cover SAT/ACT prep work as well as time management, study habits, self discipline, and true independence.

Paying For College

We award scholarships to deserving students as well as help them learn about other financial options.

Scholarships help lessen the impact of rising tuition costs.  However, our awards will not be strictly financial-needs based as we will recognize community service, GPAs, and other involvements in and outside the classrooms.

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