The Important Relationships

I saw two great movies this week and both showed different shortfalls of a dad. In A Wrinkle In Time, the dad so much wanted to “shake hands with the world” that his achievements took him away from his family. In I Can Only Imagine, the dad not accomplishing his dream made him very abusive […]

Do For Others As You Want Them To Do For You

  We may build our personal lives and careers in different ways but always do the right things.  Short-cuts can hurt you and even worse hurt others.  Therefore, whatever you want done to YOU to help you reach your goals, do also to others along the way.  Love, give, help, inspire, listen and lead!

CEO Statement Teaches Valuable Relationship Lessons

Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos summed up his winning formula this week for changing the U.S. healthcare system in one sentence:  “Success is going to require talented experts, a beginner’s mind and a long-term orientation.”  When I read his comment I was like “Wow” because this can also be the formula for a lasting […]